Knitted Apparel Fabric Suppliers

We have companies that produce both types of knitted fabrics: weft knit& warp knit. They offer a full range of knitted fabrics for underwear, fashion casual wear, including cotton, viscose and modal blends.

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  • Ashram Print Group
  • Dakahlia Spinning & Weaving Co. DETEX
  • Egyptian Textiles For Dyeing & Finishing
  • Egyptian Weavers - Hesni
  • Egyyarn for Spinning
  • El Masria Co. For Tricot and Spinning
  • El-Helal Factory for Knitting,Dyeing and Ready Made Garments
  • El-Hesn Textiles
  • Embee International Industries
  • Esperanza Clothing
  • Giza Spinning and Weaving Co. (S.A.E)
  • Master Line Textiles Industry
  • Melmar Knitwear Co.
  • Middle East Co. for Textile Metex
  • Middle East For Ready Made Garments & Weaving
  • Saatex For Textile Industries
  • Successors Mohamed Abd Elaziz Nounou&CO. – Nountex Co.
  • The Egyptian Company For Trade & Industry SOGIC
  • Turkish Egyptian Textile Co. TETCO