Packaging Textiles Suppliers

Our companies produce a variety of packaging textiles from different materials like polypropylene& polyethylene. They produce big bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), sling bags, in addition to flexible packaging (bags, pouches, sachets, wraps, etc., made of easily yielding materials)

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  • Al Tawfiq Co. for Plastic & Woven sacks Ind. Ltd
  • Al-Ahram For Trading & Industry
  • Arabian Milling & Food Industries Co.
  • Cairo Plast Company
  • Canal company for ropes natural and Synthetic fibre products
  • Egyptian International Co. For the Manufacture of Sacks and Animal Feed
  • El Nileine Rafia
  • El-Araby Farghaly for Plastic Refills
  • Kalyob Factory for Woven Plastic Packing
  • Lasheen Plast
  • MEGAPAK For Woven Plastic Bags
  • Misr El Hegaz For Vinyl Compund and Packing Materials
  • Misr El-Nour Co. For Plastic Industries
  • Sealed bag For Sacks
  • Sotir Industry - Fanous Jute
  • United Engineers Co. For Plastic Industries