Fabric Dyeing Service Providers

Our companies provide dyeing services for woven fabrics made of cotton, viscose, linen, polyester and different blends using pigment, reactive and disperse dyes.
Also dyeing services for knitted fabrics: tubular (circular knit), open width (warp knit), lace, trims& galloons.

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  • Alroubaia Textile Co. Fourtex
  • Ashram Print Group
  • Bibtex for Textile
  • Damietta Spinning & Weaving
  • Egyptian Textiles For Dyeing & Finishing
  • El Masria Co. For Tricot and Spinning
  • El-Helal Factory for Knitting,Dyeing and Ready Made Garments
  • El-Hesn Textiles
  • El-Nasr Wool& Selected Textiles Co.
  • Elvan Knitting, Dyeing& Finishing S.A.E
  • Esperanza Clothing
  • European Co. For Textiles industries and Dyeing
  • Giza Spinning and Weaving Co. (S.A.E)
  • Glass for manufacturing
  • Goldentex Wool Co.
  • M.C.I Egypt ( Fayek Abu Helika and Co.)
  • Master Line Textiles Industry
  • Middle East Co. for Textile Metex
  • Middle East For Ready Made Garments & Weaving
  • Misr Spinning & Weaving Mehalla
  • Misr Spinning, weaving and Beida Dyers Co. Kafr El-Dawar
  • Modern Kobba For Weaving and Finishing
  • Nasser Tex For Weaving and Dyeing
  • Nour for Spinning & Dyeing Co. Nourtex
  • Printex Mohamed M. Nahas & CO
  • Saatex For Textile Industries
  • Salemco For Spinning and Weaving
  • Sochal Jeans
  • Star International For Weaving & Dyeing
  • Startex Textile For Dyeing and Finishing Co.
  • Turkish Egyptian Textile Co. TETCO
  • United Textiles
  • Watania Dyeing,Printing and Finishing of Selected Textiles