Finishing Service Providers

Our companies offer diverse selections of finishing processes. Both mechanical and chemical finishes tailored to clients’ needs. Silky, rubbery, oily, papery, waterproof and soil proof finishes are available, alongside other types of finishing techniques that include Teflon finish, crease resists, sanforizing, emerizing, raising and shearing.

Other special finishes available: Flame retardancy, water repellency, moisture management, antimicrobial, softening, sueding, flocking, Glitter, & resin treatment.

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  • Bibtex for Textile
  • Damietta Spinning & Weaving
  • El Masria Co. For Tricot and Spinning
  • Elvy Weaving SAE
  • Giza Spinning and Weaving Co. (S.A.E)
  • Melmar Knitwear Co.
  • Middle East Co. for Textile Metex
  • Middle East For Ready Made Garments & Weaving
  • Misr Spinning, weaving and Beida Dyers Co. Kafr El-Dawar
  • Nour for Spinning & Dyeing Co. Nourtex
  • Printex Mohamed M. Nahas & CO
  • Saatex For Textile Industries
  • Sochal Jeans
  • Startex Textile For Dyeing and Finishing Co.
  • Turkish Egyptian Textile Co. TETCO
  • Watania Dyeing,Printing and Finishing of Selected Textiles