Polyester Yarn Suppliers

Egypt produces texturized yarns using high quality POY at par with international standards. Polyester spinners use high speed texturizing machines to produce intermingled/soft/non intermingled texturized yarns.

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  • Ashram Print Group
  • Bibtex for Textile
  • Borg El Arab Spinning & Weaving ESHRATEX
  • CSA Textile Egypt – S.A.E
  • Damietta Spinning & Weaving
  • Dayem For Polyester
  • Dolphin Textile Products Industry
  • European Co. For Textiles industries and Dyeing
  • GayedTex For Yarn Spinning Co.
  • K.C.G Textile Egypt S.A.E
  • Kozman For Weaving& Spinning
  • Midani co. for man-made fibers
  • Misr Amreya Spinning and Weaving S.A.E
  • Misr Shebin El-Kom Spinning and Weaving
  • Misr Spinning & Weaving Mehalla
  • New Alphatex
  • New Karnak For Spinning, Weaving, Printing, Dyeing and Finishing
  • Octagon For Textile industries
  • RadiaTex
  • RoyalTex Co.