Woven Apparel Fabric Suppliers

Our manufacturers produce woven fabrics for apparel mainly shirting. Those fabrics are mostly woven of cotton yarns& sometimes cotton blends; depending on customer requests.

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  • Damietta Spinning & Weaving
  • Egyptian Weavers - Hesni
  • Egyyarn for Spinning
  • El Sheikh Textile Towels and Clothes
  • El-Hesn Textiles
  • El-Kamal Co. For Textile and Trade
  • El-Nasr Wool& Selected Textiles Co.
  • Elvy Weaving SAE
  • European Co. For Textiles industries and Dyeing
  • Goldentex Wool Co.
  • K.C.G Textile Egypt S.A.E
  • Mediterranean Textile S.A.E. Cotonificio Albini S.p.A
  • Misr Spinning & Weaving Mehalla
  • Misr Spinning, weaving and Beida Dyers Co. Kafr El-Dawar
  • Modern Kobba For Weaving and Finishing
  • Nasser Tex For Weaving and Dyeing
  • Salemco For Spinning and Weaving
  • Star International For Weaving & Dyeing
  • Startex Textile For Dyeing and Finishing Co.
  • Styletex For Dyeing and Textile
  • Wagdy Moamen & Partners For Textile