Apparel Suppliers

Those are vertically integrated companies producing finished garments and their manufacturing process starts either from weaving/knitting, or spinning.

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  • Dakahlia Spinning & Weaving Co. DETEX
  • Egyyarn for Spinning
  • El Sheikh Textile Towels and Clothes
  • El-Helal Factory for Knitting,Dyeing and Ready Made Garments
  • El-Nasr Wool& Selected Textiles Co.
  • Embee International Industries
  • Esperanza Clothing
  • HI-Tech Textiles
  • Middle East For Ready Made Garments & Weaving
  • Misr Amreya Spinning and Weaving S.A.E
  • Misr Spinning & Weaving Mehalla
  • SABATEX For Industrial
  • Salemco For Spinning and Weaving
  • The Egyptian Company For Trade & Industry SOGIC
  • Turkish Egyptian Textile Co. TETCO
  • Wagdy Moamen & Partners For Textile