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About TEC

With evidence of textile industry emerging in Ancient Egypt since 5500 BC; Egyptian textile industry has been geared to be a major supplier of primary textile materials to the garment and home textile manufacturers worldwide.

The Textile Export Council “TEC” of Egypt can help you source all products from top class Egyptian suppliers with the most modern spinning, weaving, and processing state-of-the-art facilities.

To ensure that apparel& home textiles manufacturers get the best materials, we recommend to them our dedicated suppliers. Those who fully understand that price-competitiveness, planning, quality assurance, and meeting delivery schedules are key aspects for their clients.

Who We Are?

The Textile Export Council of Egypt; TEC is a privately-managed organization created by the government to be responsible for the development and promotion of textile exports.

TEC is a focal point where the efforts of sector companies meet the will of Egyptian government to offer high quality textile products to the world.

TEC mission is to promote international trade, enhance exchange of trade related information and trade delegations and encourage joint ventures and technological alliances in the textile sector.

TEC focuses on linking Egyptian manufacturers of Primary Textile Materials to the Global Value Chain.

What Are The Main Groups of Products Supplied By Our Members?

  1. Fibers
  2.  Yarns (Natural & Man-made)
  3. Sewing (Natural & Man-made)
  4. Woven& Knitted Fabrics
  5. Denim Fabrics
  6. Technical Textiles
  7. Non-Woven Textiles
  8. Dyeing, Printing& Finishing Services


Why Choose Egypt To Be Your Sourcing Platform?

Geographical Location& Logistics: Egypt is positioned at the crossroads of Europe, the Gulf, Asia, and Africa, where trade and cultures have been taking place a crossing paths for over 7,000 years. With 8% of global seaborne trade between the East and the West passing through the Suez Canal – a number which is expected to grow with the new Suez Canal Regional Development Project – it is easy to comprehend Egypt’s ever-growing business potential.

Egypt grants you better lead times because of:

  • Accessibility to most European ports
  • Average four-hour flight time to most European capitals
  • Similar time zone to Europe supporting advantageous business partnerships.
  • Proximity to North America than Asian Countries, and near the Gulf, Asia and Africa.
  • Direct vessels to USA East Coast

As an intercontinental business destination, Egypt has access to a number of world markets on the strength of its location alone

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Egypt has signed many Free Trade Agreements that give it a great advantage as an industrial& trading country: COMESA, GAFTA, EU-Egypt Partnership Agreement, QIZ, Agadir Free Trade Agreement, Egypt -Turkey FTA, And Egypt – EFTA FTA

To Source Primary Textile Materials

Contact us and we will share relevant information about our manufacturers and how to contact them to source Fibers, Yarns& Fabrics. We would be pleased to help you find your appropriate supplier from Egypt.


Fulfilling the potential of Egypt’s Textile Industries; through competitive substitution of imports & development of exports.


We work on maximizing the added value of Egyptian textile exports.

We act on being a major supplier of yarns and fabrics to garment and home textile exporters in Egypt& worldwide.


Export Assistance Services

  • Providing our members with export opportunities from different sources
  • Assisting companies to connect with different organizations necessary for the exporting process
  • Helping the export community raise their suggestions and problems to the government

Marketing Services

  • We prepare yearly sector plan for international trade fairs

    • We coordinate inbound& outbound trade missions
    • We organize sector promotion events
    • We work on building sector image& developing different sector promotion tools

Market Intelligence & Information Services

  • TEC provides member companies with market intelligence and practical advice on foreign markets to help them make better decisions in order to achieve their goals abroad.
    • Preparing export& import analysis reports
    • Identifying potential target markets& market demand
    • Circulating, exports& marketing intelligence reports in addition to different textile periodicals