Export Assistance


The Textile Export Council “TEC” of Egypt is a public private partnership organization working under the umbrella of Ministry of Trade and Industry to promote for Egyptian textile industries internationally.

TEC is a focal point where the efforts of sector companies meet the will of Egyptian government to offer high quality textile products to the world. TEC mission is to promote international trade, enhance exchange of trade related information and trade delegations and encourage joint ventures and technological alliances.

TEC focuses on organizing business meetings between Egyptian manufacturers and international business delegations from overseas; including yarns and fabric importers, investors in the fields of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing.

Textile Export Council “TEC” were first created by the ministerial decree no. 521/year 1997. The current council board was founded by the ministerial decree no. 287/year 2008 to function as a framework that gathers representatives of textile exporters and producers. The council in considered to be the sector think tank that prepares strategies and plans in order ti increase quality textile exports and enhance its competitiveness in world markets. To achieve its objectives: the Textile Export Council plays the role of sector advocate in: Proposing policies to develop and increase the productivity & exports of textile sector. Suggesting plans and criteria of exhibitions, trade fairs and trade missions. Building a strong database of the textile sector in Egypt.

VISION: Fulfilling the potential of Egypt’s Textile Industries; through competitive substitution of imports & development of exports MISSION: We work on maximizing the added value of Egyptian textile exports We act on being a major supplier of yarns and fabrics to garment and home textile exporters in Egypt& worldwide.