Sewing Threads Suppliers

Egypt manufactures a wide range of synthetic sewing threads (spun polyester, textured polyester and Nylon) in addition to cotton threads (including mercerized) for a variety of end uses.

In core spun threads our companies offer poly- poly core spun and poly cotton core spun.

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  • Chic For Dyeing & Finishing & Garment Zipper Making 888 ( S.A.E )
  • Egypt Oskar Industrial Sewing Thread & Textiles Industry Corp.
  • El-Sharq El-Awsat co. For Textile& Spinning
  • Globe Spinning & Dyeing SAE
  • Coats Egypt
  • El-Shehab Merdye Co. For Mercerizing and Dyeing
  • Katakeet Manufacturing co. for Clothes, Textile & Blankets
  • Misr Shebin El-Kom Spinning and Weaving